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英语演讲稿:Never Give Up。

智慧只是天才的配料,勤奋才是天才的本身。当要面对上台发言时,因此在这个时候就需要提前准备好演讲稿,高质量的演讲稿能够调动听众的情绪,你知道写好演讲稿要注意哪些技巧吗?为了让您在使用时更加简单方便,下面是小编整理的“英语演讲稿:Never Give Up”,欢迎您阅读和收藏,并分享给身边的朋友!

If I could reach higher, just for one moment to touch the sky---this is from my favorite song Reach.

petition, I received some awards and most of all, I gained the courage and confidence to face any difficulties in my life journey.

Life is just like farming, and what you can reap depends a lot on your sowing and dedication. Once you have a dream, dont be hesitant. Your next difficult step may be the one to the top. Keep going forward, even in the toughest time, and never give up.





my name is steven . i'm 10 years old, today my topic is my family .

i have a happy family . there are three members:my father , my mother and me . my parents love mevery much .

my mother is chinese teacher . she is very tall and thin . her face looks small and her eres are very beautiful . my mother is very warm and friendly to others , but she is very strict with me .

my father is a professional accountant . he works hard every day . he likes playing football . i usually play with him . we enjoy ourselves every time .

my dream is to be a police officer when i grow up . everyboy , please cheer me on !

thanks ! thanks you very much !






my name is steven . im 10 years old, today my topic is my family .

i have a happy family . there are three members:my father , my mother and me . my parents love mevery much .

my mother is chinese teacher . she is very tall and thin . her face looks small and her eres are very beautiful . my mother is very etimes equal genius in its results. There are only tes part of our life, if e a poe in contact mittee for Marco polo Studies in England. In this picture, this is James, and this is me and the dragons mouth.

He kept the tooth for the next 65 years, but the feeling of guilt at having stolen it e.

s be honest people of good moral character.



he being solved. on the one hand, the environment pollution and destruction are getting fortable being solved. on the one hand, the environment pollution and destruction are getting fortable world.









is a national territory that aureate autumn scan chiang-nan ote the big current of economic development.i imitate the red ship that the buddha sees south lake to bathe the gold hui of the sun, to drive today.the red flag of the republic founded a nation the long long gun salute voice of big dian;drove from mt. heaven the foot hot tile just e all difficulties, c. a batch of special areas in xiamen starts to dig kingsoft, the river bank east new area sticks out the chest, the pride also expresses to write the refreshing headline of developing the china.nine tengs in the steel ultrasaurus big city fly south north, display the magnificent posture of china.hong kong regression, regression in macau, peking states ao success, the china children all receives due acclaim and attention, the hao feeling is ten thousand zhangs.



es to our beautiful seashore ing floe from, guangdong people this province is internationally famous. its variety of tastes, shapes and colors can satisfy even the most refined palette. im sure, the moment you seat yourself at a cantonese banquet, your appetite e discover the hidden treasures of my hometopetition, i said no. i couldnt endure yet another painful experience. he looked me straight in the eye and said something that pierced my heart. i petition!

as it turned out, my dear old professor was right. now, here i am, once again standing before a microphone. my heart is beating fast, and my mouth is dry, but most importantly, i have faced my fears -- and that makes all the difference!

thank you.





我花了一整天时间思考他的话。 然后,我做出了一个勇敢而明智的决定: 我要参加中央电视台第五届希望之星英语风采大赛!




Hello, everyone, I’m Liu Dongdong. I’m a student. There are three people in my family—my father, mother and I.

My father is 40 years old. He is a e. He likes reading nee books for me. She wants me to be a top student. She also cares for my diet and life.

I’ m 15 years old. I wear glasses. I like reading. I always read books after school. I like singing, too. My favorite singer is Jay Chou. His music is very nice. What do you think of him.







Leo Tolstoy once said, everyone thinks of changing the hing, think how your actions influence not only you, but those around you too, especially our children …and perhaps more importantly…our planet!




在我看来,在我们打算改变这个世界之前,我们最好先改变一下自己。作为一个普通人,我们其实没有改变这个世界的能力,但是我可以改变我们随地扔垃圾,,随地吐痰的坏习惯, 我们应该学会去保护环境,我们应该为我们的孩子起好的表率作用。


朋友,当您在做某一件事情的时候,请您想一想,您的行为会对您周围的人产生怎样的影响, 因为,您的行为不单单影响到您自己,还有您周围的人,更重要的是我们的孩子…甚至我们的世界。


I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

ething big and splashy, something significant. Now what we need to do is to maintain them, refresh them and turn them into reality. However, the toughest part is that we often have no ideas how to translate these dreams into actions. today.



Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind ; it is not rosy cheeks , red lips and supple knees, it is a matter of the emotions : it is the freshness ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life .

Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite , for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20 . Nobody grows old merely by a number of years . men and from the infinite, so long as you are young .

When the aerials are down , and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old ,even at 20 , but as long as your aerials are up ,to catch waves of optimism , there is hope you may die young at 80.

Thank you!




My dear friends,

Do you knoe other people's wealth.

Then what is the most precious and everlasting thing in the world?

When you are far away from your family and feel especially lonely,Who will you think of?When you stand on the crossoad in your life and don't know which way to choose,who will you think of?When you encounter greater difficulties than ever and need other's encouragement,who will you think of?When you decide to make the greatest decision in your favorite course,who shed cheerful tears when see you get achievements?Whose wholehearted blessing will be always with you no matter how far you will go?

Yes,it's mother who you will always think of and it's mother's love that willbe always be with you.

I once heard a moving story about a mother.Two childrens were drawn into the flood and the situations was very dangerous.Their mother jumped into the water without hesitation.But the mother couldn't swim at all.Jumping into the water means she might lose her life.But at that time she had no time to think about herself.She just wanted to try all means to save her children.Maybe her courage touched the God.The miracle happened.She finally succeeded in saving her both children.And she,of course,felt extremely exhausted.


five score years ago, a great american, in e here today to dramatize an appalling condition.

in a sense ise that all men e back marked insufficient funds. but e to cash this check -- a check that the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. noent and to underestimate the determination of the negro. this sething that i must say to my people by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

munity must not lead us to distrust of all a smaller ghetto to a larger one. we can never be satisfied as long as a negro in mississippi cannot vote and a negro in new york believes he has nothing for which to vote. no, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.



the past, today on, lets be the owners of ourselves, and speak out we are the world, we are the future.





我们是年轻的。怎样度过青春?这是个有意义的问题。为了去回答它,我首先要问从青春这个词中你能理解到什么? 青春不是人生的一个时期,而是精神的一种状态。青春不是桃面、丹唇、柔膝,而是深沉的意志,。青春是生命的深泉在涌流.



英语演讲稿 - 财富Wealth

the panies or stores are often beer of him. the english film the million-pound note makes a most vivid revelation of this situation. with the million pound note in hand, the hero has the privilege to buy on credit, or on loan and is even presented money from others. its an idealized end of the story that the hero is still loved by his girl friend even after he lost his million-pound note. however, without the million-pound note, they couldnt have known each other. its very difficult for people to make friends directly with beggars.



good morning,ladies and gentlemen,today i am so happy to stand here to give you a speech.or rather, a real story of mine.

though thinking about it.so ordinary,but so impressive,so moving,just like the brightest sunshine,it helps me go through the darkest night.i am such a sensitive girl in your heart.you said,my sorroful facial expression made feel so

distersssed.hoent,i suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence totally.so on that day,i smiled as you used to,looking at you.the last pany,and ise,i will be a brave girl.

i promise,i will keep walking in sunshine.

that is my speech,thank you!


但随着时间的推移,经过,我还记得你曾经告诉我你应该勇敢的女孩你微笑着,看着我的眼睛年复一年,几乎大部分回忆褪色渐渐地但是只有这个简单的句子,在我的生命中没有被遗忘。 一遍又一遍,我无法阻止我自己思考的时候如此普通,但是给人以深刻的印象,所以运动,就像最明亮的阳光,它帮助我去穿越黑夜,。 我就是这样一个敏感的女孩在你的心里你说的,我sorroful表情使他们感到如此distersssed然而,有一件事我不会告诉你,那就是,我变成一个大的女孩和你的言语和微笑慢慢…我不会告诉你这件事,因为我相信一天,你可以看到我的伟大变革为自己…这是我想做什么回报据我所知,那将会是最好的礼物给你。

我突然想起一首歌名叫我心有一个漂亮的句子要像这样你一直活在我的心里不止一次,我被它感动的流下眼泪我知道,我也是安全的在你的根基已经忘记当我告诉你我要去澳大利亚今年暑假你只是笑了笑像往常一样,轻轻地说无论你决定做什么,我都会支持它,但是,仅仅这一点无庸置疑,要记住,当你寂寞,不要忘记我们在这里为你祈祷我们都是围绕着你,除非穿越的距离,间隔空间。我闭上眼睛,开始的情景…我们曾在一起的回忆,一旦我们打了一场比赛,我们在操场上踢捉弄对方,你总是写了许多文章的句子我鼓励我最难忘的事,,你告诉我,你认为我能成为一个大米的女孩迟早的事。旗下英语路 在那个特定的时刻,我突然明白这个句子的意思完全所以在情人节那天,我笑了,因为你以前,看着你。 我说,这是我的最后一句话,记得要走在阳光里。 是的,记得要走在阳光里我对你们说过,也为自己…我知道我并不孤独与贵公司的情况,我们可以记得要走在阳光里直到最后一分钟时间。

我承诺,我将会成为一个大的女孩。 我承诺,我将会是一个勇敢的女孩。